miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Medical is finalist in 2009 Sourceforge Community Awards

I'm very pleased to announce that Medical, the universal Health Information System, is finalist on Sourceforge 2009 Community Awards.

With over 47,000 nominations, the community has chosen 85 finalists in 12 categories. Medical is among the best 10 projects this year for government.

This is very exciting and rewarding. To be among the 10 best projects (sharing the space with projects like Open Office) shows the recognition from the community to humanitarian projects like Medical, and positions open source in health sector, an area limited to proprietary vendors until now.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the scientists and doctors that are working on the project (from Argentina, Belgium, India, Indonesia, Germany, USA, Uruguay... ) and to all of you who have trust our project by using it, voting it or letting others know that such project exists.

We have a couple of weeks now to make the choice for the winner, so please go to and vote for Medical in the Best project for Government.

vote now

Thanks again and congratulations to all of you that made this happen. We'll see you at OSCON 2009 (San Jose, California, July 20-24 ) !
Luis Falcon

About Medical

Medical is an open source project with the goal of providing a universal Health Information System, where health professionals and institutions around the world can benefit from it, independently of their economic status.

Medical optimizes collaboration among health professionals, makin emphasis in Primary Care and Family medicine. It makes use of industry standards (ICD-10), which proportionante the basis for epidemiological studies.

Medical has been designed with scalability in mind. It can deal with millions of patients. Any country or NGO can evaluate their habitants conditions, both from the clinical and the socio-economic / sanitary point of view. This helps to early detect hot-spots, disease vectors and epidemics, specially in developing countries.

Doctors, nurses, computer scientist and sociologist from countries like Argentina, Germany, Uruguay, Spain, Belgium, France, United States, India or Indonesia are actively working together to make medical a reference point in medical informatics.

More Info : http://www.thymbra.com/en/solutions/health

Medical Project at Sourceforge : http://medical.sourceforge.net