martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Latinoware Day 3

At the airport waiting
With a bit of nostalgia and sadness we finally got to the last day of Latinoware and IWEEE ...

Like it always happens in these events, the adrenaline of the previous planning and the end of it leave us with a sour taste !

The last day of Latinoware was very intense, especially for the meetings with all the people met at IWEEE 2011 and for the commitments with the press for the interviews. 

I leave you with a potpourri of "profesional " and "social" pictures.

A special acknowledgment to Joice Käfer, Cesar Brod and to the team of Latinoware that made all this possible: Joanne Candida, Michelle, Daniela Priscila de Oliveira Veronezi, Marcos Siriacos Martins and many more ...

C. Muñoz-Reyes, Jon "Maddog", L. Falcón, C. Brod and J. Käfer
Wilber, Cristina and Tux !
S. Marró, C. Muñoz-Reyes, C. Melgosa, C. Brod and J. Käfer
Dr. Lucia Brum, Dr. Aguiar, D. Linhares, S. Marró, C. Melgosa
Dra. Lucia Brum (Doctors without Borders) and Cristina Melgosa
We have to find some time to work ...

Dr. Alexandre Aguiar, Luis Falcón, Daniel Linhares, Sebastián Marró.
Sebastián Marró. Would you like a sticker !?
Interview by Kemel Zaidan from Linux New Media
Interview by Serviço Federal de Procesamento de Dados (Serpro)
Debian T-shirts for all !
Cristina Melgosa at our booth.
Cristina Melgosa, Luis Falcón, Dr. Lucia Brum and Dr. Alexandre Aguiar