viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

IWEEE 2012 Granada

As we announced in the last few months, on January 11th. and 12th. the 5th edition of IWEEE in Granada took place. This edition was hold during the 2012 OSWC (Open Source World Conference) in Granada.

What can I say about this edition?! I really believe that, since the first one, we have gone a long long way. This edition was a little bit different from the previous ones: all the presentations were on the 11th. (speakers program) and on the 12th. the Round Table - Unconference took place in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Granada, during the 2012 Open Source World Conference (OSWC).

S. Cordara and J. Kafer
The speeches were interesting and really gave space to a great debate on the next day. The idea of IWEEE has always been that of being a space to create new ideas and reflexions. Both speakers and public are always more than welcome to participate with questions, thoughts, solutions, projects ...

The IWEEE meetings are growing each year. Thanks to the contribution of each participant in the Unconference - Round Table, we could analyze the real use of free software in the e-health sector and create a set of tasks for each participant, in order to work on them and give some real solutions for the next edition.
GNU Health + Android Integration (screenshot)

GNU Solidario is a very small organization trying to reach out and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We have many people to thank:

Dr. Salleh, Dr. Syed and Dr. Nurhizam from United Nations University, Institute of Global Health,  for their presentations, round table and for sponsoring the event. During the event, UNU-IIGH and GNU Solidario, materialized the partnership to deploy GNU Health, the Free Health and Hospital Information System, globally.
UNU-IIGH and GNU Solidario partnership
Raúl Zambrano from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Thang Dao and Ludovic Rossel (Doctors without Borders, Switzerland). Inma Gonzalez, Anne Cugier and Manuel Lannaud (Doctors without Borders, Spain). Thang, excellent work during the Unconference. Thanks!!

Round Table: Thang Dao
Cesar Brod, government of Brazil, who has been with us since the first edition of IWEEE.

Round Table: L. Falcon, M. Lannaud, C. Brod and T. Karopka

From the government of Paraguay, Nicolas Caballero, who proposed the IWEEE in Granada and Dr. Gamarra, delegate of Paraguay Ministry of Health.

Thomas Karopka and Etienne Saliez, also with us since the very first edition of IWEEE. 

Round Table: Luis Falcon, Manuel Lannaud and Cesar Brod
Joice Käfer from Brodtec (Brazil); Albert Cervera from NaN (Spain); Carlos Sánchez from UDED (Spain); Pablo José  from FSF (Spain); Nacho Hermoso de Mendoza Garcìa, Angel Moya Pardo and Roberto Segura Lòpaz from Domatix (Spain), Abdrahman Elkafil from NEXTMA (Morocco) and Lievens Frank from Medetel (Luxembourg).

Our little but powerful community is growing faster and faster. This year slogan was COMMITMENT ... or, we could better say, the LACK OF IT .... We are working hard in order to deliver real solutions and improve the quality of current e-Health systems. Strangely there were no representatives from the Andalusian Autonomous Government (Junta de Andalucia) ... We hope to see you at the next edition.

We know that cooperation between individuals, public administrations and governments in adopting Free Software in public health is the key for all of us to have access to good quality health care. This is GNU Solidario mission: Health and Education with Free Software.

There's always time to eat and for a picture. Great tapas in Granada !!!
We hope you had a good time as we did. We would love to hear from you, please let us know your thoughts about the event.

I will post more pictures in the next few days, until then ...

Be Free ... as in Freedom !

Some pictures are courtesy of  @Ferminius