lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Richard Stallman at IWEEE 2013, Las Palmas

We are very proud to announce that Mr. Richard Stallman will attend the 6th IWEEE: International Workshop on e-Health in Emerging Economies 2013 (organized by GNU Solidario).

Richard Stallman is one of the most important and influential people in the history of Free Software. He created the GNU Operating System, that together with the Linux kernel is in all GNU/Linux variants, and also the GPL license. He has been figthing for decades for free software, making it a reality today.

In August 2011, the Free Software Foundation declared GNU Health an official GNU package. "...This means that it's Free Software, in the widest sense of the term. It is not only freely available, but it provides freedom to the user, and it has no digital locks. In Healthcare, this concept is even more important. Health and Hospital Information Systems must be a public good, that don't depend on the will of a corporation. They must be free of any type of lock-ins." (

I believe this statement summirizes very well Stallman's ideology:
My work on free software is motivated by an idealistic goal: spreading freedom and cooperation. I want to encourage free software to spread, replacing proprietary software that forbids cooperation, and thus make our society better. Richard Stallman (

We hope to see you all in Las Palmas !