viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

Richard Stallman will be at IWEEE 2010 !

We are very happy to have Richard M. Stallman at IWEEE 2010.

No doubt that Richard Stallman is one of the most important and influential people in the history of Free Software. He has developed tools that we've been using for decades, such as the excellent GCC ( GNU Compiler Collection , at the beginning, the GNU C Compiler).

But Richard Stallman is way more than that. He created the GNU Operating System, that together with the Linux kernel is in all GNU/Linux variants ; he created the GPL license, and most importantly, he has been figthing for decades for free software, making it a reality today, when not that long ago it was utopia.

There is no doubt on my mind that Richard Stallman will be a key player to help us who are working to introduce the free software philosophy  to the healthcare industry. Health MUST be universal, and so should be the software that takes care of the patients. Free software in healthcare is a right that every doctor, hospital and patient should have access.

We are looking forward to sharing with Richard his experiences, views and opinions on how to keep introducing Free Software in the healthcare and schools in the developing world.

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Luis Falcón
GNU Solidario Project